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The Bradley Company is committed to building lasting and meaningful partnerships with our clients by first listening to and understanding their long-term objectives and goals.  After careful analysis, collaboration, and review, we create a comprehensive plan ensuring the protection of what matters most to our clients.


John Bradley

Managing Director

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John, a Baltimore native, has a long-standing passion for connecting with others. This passion was first kindled during high school, where he was deeply involved in community service through his youth group. This early experience laid the foundation for a distinguished career in Law Enforcement, where John earned the respect of his peers and community members for his unwavering dedication to enhancing the safety and security of citizens.

The joyous news of expecting their first child prompted John and his wife Shannon to reevaluate what mattered most to them -family. John’s desire to build enduring relationships and work collaboratively to solve problems became the guiding principle in his career shift.

John embarked on a new journey with The Bradley Company, a family business started by his father, Brooks, with a rich legacy spanning more than four decades. Although the arena has changed, the core of his work remains the same - assisting others. His satisfaction now comes from working closely with clients to safeguard their interests and passions.

John’s unique blend of community service, law enforcement experience, and innate problem-solving skills position him uniquely to lead The Bradley Company into its next chapter. He is excited about this new opportunity and looks forward to continuing his legacy of service, now focused on helping The Bradley Company’s clients protect what matters most to them.

Today, John lives in Baltimore County with his wife Shannon, son Jack, and daughter Claire.  In his spare time, John enjoys spending time with his family skiing, hiking and swimming and playing golf.


Brooks Bradley

President Emeritus

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Brooks founded The Bradley Company in 1988, with a great desire and passion to become one of the foremost life insurance advisors in the greater Baltimore area. Hundreds of businesspeople and successful families and individuals have benefited over the years from Brooks’ extensive knowledge and counsel regarding this very important area of their planning.


Many people today, looking back on their work with Brooks in the early years of starting their family or business, express their gratitude to Brooks for his vision and insight at a busy time in their lives and careers when this planning could have been easily neglected. Brooks helped them focus on the implementation of important planning that now protects their families and businesses!

Many of our client businesses and families also benefit from the valuable partnerships that we have developed over the years to assist them in areas outside of his core expertise. Please explore our “Strategic Partnerships” page to view The Bradley Companies partner firms.

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